Do you want to know more about the Delta Project? Here you will find a range of resources which provide detailed information about the project.

New Resources

  • Annex 4: Guidance on Irrigation Efficiency and Water Productivity indicators This document is the Annex to the #4 Delta Framework indicator on Water Management. Annex 5 Detailed methodology and tools for Women’s Empowerment indicator A set of 4 documents, which are an Annex to #14 Delta Framework indicator on Women’s Empowerment. This set includes the women’s empowerment calculation methodology, a guidance note on data collection and a reporting template.
  • Delta Framework Large Farm_Methodology
  • Delta Framework WE Reporting Template
  • Delta Framework WE_Data collection Guidance Note
  • Delta Framework WE_Indicator Methodology
  • Delta Project Sustainability Data Collection Tool This is a reporting tool for the 15 indicators.
  • Delta Sustainability Indicators: Descriptions and Methodologies Presentation of the Delta Framework and detailed descriptions of the 15 indicators with their methodology.

Archived Resources

  • Basic Guidance for Obtaining Informed Consent for the Delta Framework Indicator Data A short presentation outlining the project.
  • Delta Framework Development Report Desk study carried out at the beginning of the project to inform the development of the Delta Sustainability Framework.
  • Delta Framework Sustainability Indicators: Visual One-pager visual.
  • Delta Project Overview A short presentation outlining the project.
  • ICAC Plenary Delta Project Presentation Created for the ICAC Plenary in December 2019.
  • Principles: Implementation of the Delta Sustainability Framework This document outlines the principles that guide the development and use of sustainability information/messages deriving from information gathered through the common set of indicators developed by the Delta Sustainability Framework.