The Delta Project, which has led to the publication of the Delta Framework, was proposed to the ISEAL Innovations Fund by Better Cotton. The project proposal was developed together with the Global Coffee Platform (GCP), the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC) and the International Coffee Association (ICO), in order to establish a strong foundation for progress among two of the most important commodity sectors, cotton and coffee.

Better Cotton is a global not-for-profit multi-stakeholder initiative and the world’s largest cotton sustainability programme. The organisation aims to transform cotton production by helping cotton farmers to produce Better Cotton – cotton grown in a way that’s better for the people who produce it, better for the environment and better for the sector’s future. The goal is to help establish Better Cotton as a sustainable mainstream commodity.

The Global Coffee Platform is a multi-stakeholder membership association of coffee sector actors working collectively towards a thriving, sustainable coffee sector. In particular, GCP strives to improve livelihoods, protect the environment and build resilience among coffee farming communities. It enables members and partners to strengthen their efforts, address common challenges, and grow and scale successful sustainability initiatives across the coffee world.

The International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC) is an association of members of cotton producing, consuming and trading countries. It helps members work towards a healthy world cotton economy through awareness-raising, providing robust information, and serving as a catalyst for cooperative action on shared global issues.

The Expert Panel on the Social Environmental and Economic Performance of Cotton (SEEP) was created in 2006 to provide the ICAC with objective, science-based information on the impacts global cotton production, monitor labour costs and associated human rights challenges, and make recommendations for change.

The International Coffee Organization (ICO) is the primary intergovernmental organisation for coffee, bringing together exporting and importing governments to tackle challenges facing the global coffee sector through international cooperation. Its member governments represent 98% of coffee production and 67% of global consumption.


This project was made possible by a grant from the ISEAL Innovations Fund, which is supported by: